The Downside to Automated Valuation Websites

We Buy Any Car Companies, have created elaborate online systems that give you a price automatically for your car, we agree that it is an easy option, but what these systems fail to do is speak to the person selling their car, I mean let’s face it, a computer does not know if you have a full set of alloy wheels that can get you extra money or an original catalytic convertor. You type in a few details like, car registration and the mileage of your used car, the system will then generate a price based on what that company has purchased a car for in the past, it’s not fair really as in our eyes, who says your car isn’t in mint or better condition than the last.

So you then get your price, maybe you’re happy with it and maybe your not, you get 100’s of calls from an operator and tons of emails, which has always seemed a little intrusive to us and annoying to say the least, so anyway, after being badgered by an operator, you then decide to take your car to that company, yes you read that right you have to take your car to them, when you arrive they look over the car, they tell you this is wrong and that’s wrong with it, you started with an online quote of let’s say £2000 but by the time you leave the depot, you have walked away with £500 if you are lucky and all because you have made the extra effort to go to them and don’t fancy the wasted journey.

It’s unfortunate to say, but that is where over the last 2 decades car companies and we all know the ones, have created and spent millions on advertising, thus gaining a dominant leader board position on search engines and social channels making the smaller companies like Absolutely All Cars harder to find, however, companies like us, do not have the overheads like the larger corporations out there, and can give more money for older used cars and even pay top money for a scrap car. We talk with our customers, yes we know in this ever-changing world of speed and technology and the fast-moving pace of everyday life online systems suit more, but 2 minutes on a phone call is all it takes and can save you hundreds of pounds that you will surely lose by using an automated system.

This is where it gets even better, you call us, or complete one of our simple online forms and we will call you when it’s convenient for you, we will ask some very basic questions, nothing too taxing we promise. We will then work out a price for your vehicle, and 9/10 times higher than any online sell my car website will. Furthermore, if you are happy with the price, and we are sure you will be, we will arrange a time with you to come to a location of your choice, whether it’s at home or at the office during your lunch break, we will check the vehicle over to ensure it is how it was mentioned on the phone, complete all paperwork for Free with no admin fees, and pay you either cash straight in your hand or instant bank transfer which you can verify before we leave.

Very simple steps that have provided our clients with a no-hassle system for years and will for many more:

1) Call us or let us call you when it suits you
2) We will ask for the basic of information like Car Make / Model / Year / Your location / and a couple of questions about the car, scratches, dents, petrol or diesel etc
3) We give you a price based on the condition you tell us the car is in (you can always send us pictures to help with this)
4) We arrange a time and place for the collection
5) Upon collection you have the money in your hand or bank, and we will ask you to confirm this

The steps we take after purchase depending if the car is for resale or scrap:

For Resale:

1) We will take the car to one of our local depots and give the car a full clean and service (if for any reason and it does happen we find personal belongs from the previous owner) we send these back to you, via royal mail or DPD, and can always arrange for one of our teams to drop it back to you if you wish

2) We wait for all paperwork to be returned to us and at which stage we may resell the vehicle

We ensure all vehicles that are for resale are fully delisted from the previous owner prior to the new sale (this give us and you peace of mind) the last owner will receive no unpaid parking tickets or fines in relation to their old car.

For Scrap:

1) When your vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness, you must get it scrapped at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). This where we take care of the nitty-gritty, we collect your car, and on most occasions pay you for it at scrap car prices and then take it to an ATF facility. These are sometimes known as a scrapyard or breaker’s yard.

2) We guarantee to deal with your paperwork in the most legal way possible.

3) After the vehicle is destroyed, you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the vehicle has been destroyed. As we scrap our vehicles monthly this can sometimes take up to 4 weeks. But be assured all scrap cars purchased through Absolutely All Cars are destroyed and never resold.

The benefits of using us to scrap your car can save you money, time and the hassle of arranging transportation for your scrap car in getting it to an ATF or scrap yard.

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